Bar Anticipation’s Identification Policy

Bar Anticipation’s identification policy follows that of New Jersey’s strict State Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws.

Identification questions CANNOT be determined over the phone or via email. Since the appearance of the individual presenting the identification must be compared to the identification presented by the individual, identification questions can only be answered in person by the individual viewing the identification in question.

It is always a good idea to carry at least two forms of photo identification as detailed below.

Accepted Identification:

Driver’s License / Other identification from the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles (ID Only) – If a driver’s license is changed, duplicate, not from New Jersey, or if the identification checker is not absolutely certain that the individual presenting the identification is the person who is pictured on the identification, secondary (back up) photo identification is required.

Passport (not passport card) – If the passport appears altered in any way, or if the individual presenting the identification does not look like the person on the passport photo, it cannot not be accepted pursuant to NJ State law.

Passports obtained prior to an individual’s 18th birthday typically will not be accepted. This is a matter of practice as rarely will the photo on the passport look like the individual presenting it. This is due to the length of time elapsed since the photo was taken.

Regardless of age, since any passport photo can be a number of years old, it is recommended that you bring a secondary photo identification (with a more recent photo) if your appearance has changed. Again, it is against State law to accept any identification from anyone who the identification checker does not reasonably believe is the person presenting the identification.

The below may be used as secondary (back up) identification to help convince the identification checker that the individual presenting the driver’s license or passport is in fact the individual presenting it:

  • County Identification Card (photo)
  • Military ID (photo)
  • College ID (photo)
  • Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Card (photo)
  • NJDMV Boat License (photo)

The bottom line is, if you do not have a valid photo driver’s license or passport which has a recent photo (that still looks like you), please bring as much backup identification as possible.


  • Anyone who is believed to be visibly intoxicated or otherwise impaired will be denied entry.
  • Anyone who is believed to have been recently in a fight (bleeding, torn clothing, visibly agitated) will be denied entry.
  • Anyone acting in such a manner to suggest that they will cause a disturbance on the premises will be denied entry.
  • Anyone not adhering to the dress code will be denied entry.
  • Anyone verbally abusing the door staff or other customers will be denied entry. Kindness counts!

Bar Anticipation’s business is dependent upon admitting customers, not keeping them out. Having said that, New Jersey’s State laws, and enforcement of same by local and State police, are very strict. Bar Anticipation cannot and will not jeopardize its liquor license, and the jobs of hundreds of people, because a customer did not prepare and obtain proper identification prior to visiting the establishment.

We hope to see you soon!

All identification issues must be handled at the door with the person presenting the identification in question. Identification issues cannot be solved over the phone or e-mail.