The below information is for “COVER BANDS”

Unfortunately, we were forced to drop our Original Band program due to lack of interest by the public.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please e-mail all relevant information you wish to be considered, (especially upcoming gigs), to Please also include all social media handles.

I typically do not book auditions or opening acts. However, I do go out and see bands perform all the time. If you do not include where you are playing next, I will not be able to consider you.

This is a very large venue. So, if your band does not have a following, this is not the venue for you.

Also, be advised that I book a number of months in advance and rarely ever get cancellations. The bands/entertainers who perform for us during the summer months are typically the ones who do best for us during the off season.

I look forward to seeing you.

Thank You,
Thomas Jannarone